Technical Program Committee

This committee is comprised of educators, government agencies and researchers who are immersed in the field of air quality sensors. The committee will develop the technical program for the conference, chair sessions, and invite speakers. They can provide a unique view of the current discussions, what topics are in need of further exploration, and the studies that are important to world views.

Michael CahnMichael Cahn Email Address

Irrigation and Water Resource Advisor, UC Cooperative Extension

Michael Cahn is an Irrigation and Water Resource Advisor for University of California, Cooperative Extension and serves the central coast counties of Monterey, San Benito and Santa Cruz.  He received his B.S degree in Soil and Water Science from UC Davis, and Masters and Ph.D. degrees from Cornell University.  He has worked for UC Cooperative Extension since 1995, first as a Vegetable and Row Crop Advisor in the Sacramento Valley, and since 2001 in his current position.   His research and extension activities are focused in the areas of irrigation technology, water management of vegetable and horticultural crops, protection of water quality, and food safety.  He led the development of CropManage, an online decision support tool for water and nutrient management of vegetables in 2011, which is now being adapted for berry, tree and forage crops.