Dr. Holly J Oldroyd

Holly Oldroyd

Position Title
Assistant Professor, Water Resources and Environmental Engineering

  • Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Tahoe Environmental Research Center

Dr. Oldroyd's research interests include environmental turbulent flows as found in rivers, lakes, and the atmosphere with a focus on water-land-atmosphere interactions.  Investigating surface exchanges of mass and energy improves our understanding of evapotranspiration, microclimates, turbulence intensity, and the transport of greenhouse gases or environmental pollutants.  She uses field investigations, theory, laboratory measurements, and numerical simulations to investigate fundamental turbulent transport dynamics, advance model development, improve forecasting capabilities, and inform resource management strategies.  Research applications include water resources, mountain meteorology, pollution transport/air quality, green energy, micro-climatology, greenhouse gas monitoring, wildfire hazard, and precision agriculture/viticulture.  Her work focuses particularly on mountainous regions, as well as urban areas and the transitional zones between them.